Towpath Park Trail

According to the city of Maumee website, the Towpath Park walking trail runs along the banks of the Maumee River and includes fishing access as well as spectacular views of the river itself. The path is paved to make navigating it easier. Entrance to the park is at the corner of White and East Harrison. … More Towpath Park Trail

Quarry visit

I hope you had a chance to get to the Stoneco Ford Street quarry open house that I mentioned in my last blog.  The event drew a large crowd, who all received a free t-shirt, were entered into giveaways, and even had to guess the weight of a very large boulder. The kids enjoyed digging … More Quarry visit

Consider donation to Maumee Schools food service program

Here’s a new twist on making a difference for children in the Maumee School District. Each year some parents are unable to keep pace with the cost of their child (childrens’) lunch food expenses. I know one organization that decided to collect funds at their holiday gathering and donate the amount to pay for the … More Consider donation to Maumee Schools food service program