I wondered “What is Kokosing?”

As I drive over 475/23 on the Illinois Avenue bridge, I see the word Kokosing on all the equipment. I got to wondering about Kokosing and its selection to work on this large project.

First of all, as I researched the word, I found it interesting that Kokosing is most likely an Algonquin word and means “River of the Little Owls.” There is even a Kokosing watershed in Ohio.

According to its website, Kokosing, the company, was founded in 1951 by two men, who wanted to demonstrate their commitment to provide and secure their family’s futures. That passion shaped the company culture with each team member a valued member of the Kokosing “family.” 

The company holds the safety of its workers as one of its goals. Having their employees return to their families each night unharmed is of high importance. Its “Lead with Safety 24/7” culture radiates into a top-tier safety education programs, proven and effective safety processes, and cross-level safety teams that ensure healthy checks and balances. So, Maumee drivers, keep this in mind as you travel through the construction zones these next months.

Kokosing is one of the largest contractors in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic. The firm has employees who are respected experts in the industry and can solve construction’s toughest challenges. According to its website, Kokosing’s equipment is the largest, most modern, environmentally friendly, and privately owned fleet in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic. Samples of that equipment are on display each day as I drive on Illinois Avenue and watch the progress of what will be Maumee’s newest exit in 2024.


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