Ode to Jacky’s Depot Mocha Malt

Ode: a formal lyric poem that is written in celebration, appreciation, or dedication.

   I was thinking the other day about all the things I love about Maumee. By far, number one is its

location on the Maumee River. The river offers wonderful wildlife and marine life…what about

those otters, huh? Out my window, I have seen fox, wild turkeys who showed up in the backyard

Thanksgiving Day to flaunt their escape from someone’s oven, and a red-tailed hawk that

swoops down from its perch on Grape Island to catch dinner. I even saw an eagle at the edge of

the island inlet. Yes, the river is my favorite.

  But there are many other things to love about Maumee. One of my special treats in the summer

is a mocha malt from Jacky’s Depot, the ice cream store at the corner of West Dudley and Allen

Streets. After tasting several of its delicious ice cream confections, I have come to the conclusion

that the mocha malt is the one for me. There is such a great malt flavor in this ice cream blend …

something you rarely find anywhere else. No shake will do for me, make it a malt please! When

Jacky’s opens again in March, I urge you to try it. And get the large …you won’t regret it even if

your waistline does!


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