Trailside Lofts expect to open late spring

Under construction now is a new four-story apartment complex at Side Cut Crossings. The 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom units will feature the open concept that is so popular today and will have in-unit laundry facilities. For everyone’s enjoyment there will be a community room, a fitness center and business center. Rents will be based on affordable housing as defined by the area median income. The current Lucas County AMI is approximately $65,000 or somewhere between $15 and $27 per hour. The developer, MVAH Partners, praised the city of Maumee and its stricter building rules. According to a spokesman, residents will enjoy higher ceilings, more windows per units and a brick and cement board exterior instead of vinyl. New residents must meet certain criteria to rent including the AMI income, credit score and a background check. (Information provided by the city of Maumee based on an article by the Mirror Newspapers). 


2 thoughts on “Trailside Lofts expect to open late spring

    1. I stopped by the administrative office for the city of Maumee and she did not have a timeline. As you can see from my photo, the outside siding isn’t even up yet. I will try to find out who and when the information will be available and post.


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