ODOT and the Life on the Highway

Specifically, I-275/23 north and southbound. If you have traveled along this corridor recently, you know about the lane shifting. Current work is happening on the eastbound lanes so traffic is moved to share the current southbound lanes. All this work is to give us three lanes north and south. There will also be a diverging diamond at Maumee Western (Illinois Avenue), similar to the Perrysburg exit overpass. This is not without pain to those who regularly use the highway and local streets. There will eventually closings of Monclova Road (to expand the bridge width) and east and west St. Rt. 24. If you are concerned about how folks and ambulances will get to McLaren Hospital, ODOT has spend these past months working with Monclova and Maumee rescue squads and ambulances to resolve this very issue. Sorry to add the phrase, “No Pain, No Gain.”


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