Fresh from the farm

One of our family’s favorite places to purchase fresh produce is Stevens Gardens at the corner of Monclova Road and Weckerly. Bi-color corn, green beans and personal-size muskmelon are freshly picked and delicious. They also have baskets full of beautiful tomatoes and peaches as well as cucumbers and zucchini. And, in the fall, there will be all sizes and colors of pumpkins.

Each year we blanch the corn in the microwave, let it cool and trim it off the cob. Then into a freezer bag it goes to enjoy in the middle of winter or take to a friend who loves the taste of summer corn even if there is snow on the ground. Summer is coming to a close and fresh corn on the cob will soon be gone so get to your favorite farm or farmers’ market and pick up all the summer vegetables you love. With the drought in the west and California, who knows what vegetables will be available in our grocery stores.


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