Quarry visit

I hope you had a chance to get to the Stoneco Ford Street quarry open house that I mentioned in my last blog.  The event drew a large crowd, who all received a free t-shirt, were entered into giveaways, and even had to guess the weight of a very large boulder. The kids enjoyed digging in a large pile of sand for fossils, have a geode cut open to take home and climbed on the large equipment used in the quarry. But for the older crowd, the bus ride to the bottom of the quarry and back with great and knowledgeable guides was the pinnacle of the day. The quarry is much deeper than expected. Though not the Grand Canyon, it is significant enough that oohs and aahs were heard from passengers and lots of photos were taken. After the bus returned from deep in the quarry, everyone enjoyed a lunch of hot dogs, hamburgers, baked beans and chips. Adults glimpsed the sample of ores, geodes and rocks taken from quarries across the country. If you missed it this year, look for the date next year and come early. You will be surprised at what that corner of Maumee holds!


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