Maumee science teacher recognized as LSWCD Outstanding Conservation Education of the Year

Mike Dick, science teacher at Gateway Middle School, took the 2021 honors from the Lucas County Soil and water Conservation District. I am proud to say the Maumee Garden Club has assisted Mr. Dick with his efforts in the past years. Two members of the club went to his classroom to put on a PowerPoint presentation about the milkweed plant and its connection to the Monarch butterfly. The students then opened pods collected by another member and removed the seed from the fluff to be planted in the school’s prairie. Unbeknownst to the gardeners, there was so much fluff released in the classroom from the pods, it looked like an indoor snowstorm! But the efforts were successful, and the milkweed seeds were planted. The students have banned the Monarchs for many years, tracking their progress to their winter home in Mexico.  

I also wanted to acknowledge Carol Rambo, another member of the Maumee Garden Club, for sprucing up the areas around the new Kazmaier Stadium with fall plantings in time for the annual rivalry game between Maumee and Perrysburg.


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