Calling all farmers!

Local water and soil conservation districts are looking to sign up farms who will implement practices such as overwintering cover crops, subsurface phosphorus placement, manure incorporation and drainage water management all in the hopes of improve the water quality in local rivers, streams and lakes. Farmers have until Jan. 15, 2022 to apply.

Housing Development Proposals

Residential and villa development near Fallen Timbers Mall is under consideration. After several months since the original proposal to build single family and villa housing near the mall pending a traffic study, the Monclova Township trustees will took up the matter at its Dec. 6 public hearing.

New Commission proposed

The city of Maumee city council will review plans Dec. 6 to establish a Maumee Environmental Commission. According to the Maumee Mirror, the commission tasks will be to develop comprehensive integrated environmental policies, set goals and policies for the city and community to improve the natural and built environments and create an action plan that … More New Commission proposed