Learn about your Maumee library!

Did you know that Maumee is one of six branch Toledo area libraries that has a Smart Lockers to pick up books and other materials? Simply head to the lobby, log into your account, find your items, “request it,” select the Maumee location and hit submit. The lockers are in the library lobby and are available for pick up whether the library is open or not.

The library sits on a historical site, an ambush by British and Native Americans against the U. S. Military during the War of 1812 known as Dudley’s Massacre. It was also used as the Lucas County Courthouse as one time. The auditorium inside the library is often used by local organizations for large meetings. I know the Maumee Garden Club has used it for public forum meetings about gardening for several years as well as have a flower show of note during the first Claire’s Day, an authors’ book signing and reading awards day held the third Saturday in May. Again, the Maumee Garden Club has participated in a flower giveaway for children who attend the event. www.maumeebranch.toledolibrary.org.


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