Maumee Uptown Planters

Being a member of the Maumee Garden Club, I appreciate the beauty of flowers. I love having them in my home where I place them on my kitchen counter. I recently received a charming evergreen and red floral bouquet from a business associate of mine. It brings me joy to have it to look at every day.

For over 30 years the Maumee Garden Club hung fresh wreaths on the buildings in uptown Maumee. The Maumee Uptown Business Association provided them and Diblings offered to store them before members picked them up. I remember Mary Dibling often had a cookie tray for us to nibble on between deliveries and she always sent us a thank you note after we completed out task. This year the Uptown Business Association decorated the planters along Conant Street. The design highlights our “main” street beautifully.

If you need a thank you to your babysitter, health care provider, someone who has helped you shovel snow, mow your grass or with a project at work, I hope you will consider a floral bouquet. We have three florists near us, In Bloom on W. Wayne, Lee Winter Florist on S. Detroit and Swesey Florist on Tollgate near Arrowhead Park. There are also flowers available at Meijer and Kroger. Don’t forget a centerpiece for your own table!


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