Maumee Police and Fire Supporting During Coronavirus

I wanted to pass along some comforting words from Maumee Fire Chief Brandon Loboschefski and Maumee Police Chief Dave Tullis. Chief Loboschefski encouraged everyone to follow the recommendations and orders from health officials including good hygiene and social distancing. He also wanted to ensure residents that all first responders are working and to call 911 for emergencies. He promises they will respond.

Chief Tullis assured Maumee citizens, businesses and especially senior citizens that the Maumee Police were here to protect and serve while the country beats this virus down. Maumee officers are taking precautionary measures to ensure that they can remain healthy in order to serve and protect the community. As a result, the force has implemented some necessary changes. Police officers will adhere to social distancing guidelines, won’t be getting out of their vehicles and won’t shake hands, but instead might give an elbow bump. Non-emergency calls will be taken over the phone, but officers will respond to calls for help. Members of the police force will continue with business/door checks by walking the perimeters, but they won’t be shaking doors.

During Coronavirus-mandated closings, any senior citizen or person homebound due to medical conditions needing assistance with errands should contact Maumee’s Senior Resource Officer Wendy Newsome, 419-897-7027, Victim Service Officer Cory Henson, 419-897-7017, and either MPD or resident volunteers who have background checks completed. They will provide assistance at no cost. If there is a business that is closed due to the lock down and wish to request extra-eye/more frequent drive-bys, call 419-897-7000 and ask for the extra eye. Tullis praised the leadership from the mayor, schools, Churches United and Maumee citizens for their dedication to lead the community through this trying time.

Chief Loboschefski added a huge thank you to all the businesses, restaurants, and entire community for their continued support. 


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