2015 Review

2015 was a big year for me. I listed and sold over 30 homes. I am so excited to sell even more in 2016! With a great marketing campaign and tools like the ones on danberry.com, I have everything we need to sell your home this year! Get in touch!  I look forward to hearing from you!

Buying? Check out my current listings, and search all homes here.

Sold in 2015 –

1114 Rosedale Street, Maumee

520 Sackett, Maumee

746 East Carisbrook Drive, Maumee

728 East Carisbrook Drive, Maumee

418 East John Street, Maumee

301 East Indiana Avenue, Maumee

4405 Beck Drive, Maumee

525 Dussell Drive, Maumee

536 Dussell Drive, Maumee

1229 Richland Street, Maumee

126 West John Street, Maumee

834 Wall Street, Maumee

1036 Birch Avenue, Maumee

214 West Dudley Street, Maumee

6408 Char Court, Maumee

233 West Harrison Street, Maumee

318 West Harrison Street, Maumee

204 West Dudley Street, Maumee

316 West Harrison Street, Maumee

608 River Road, Maumee

826 Maple Lane, Waterville

216 North Fifth Street, Waterville

7802 Timbers Edge, Waterville

5554 Chippewa Road, Toledo

1121 Westgate Road, Toledo

5316 Nebraska Avenue, Toledo

530 Butternut Lane, Toledo

2901 Powhattan Parkway, Toledo

313 West Sixth Street, Perrysburg

190 North Ridge Drive, Perrysburg

1951 Carvelle Drive, Northwood

902 Meadowview Lane, Northwood

310 Martindale Road, Bowling Green

1315 South Orleans, Bowling Green

Now Listed-

540 Pinella Point, Holland

1225 Holgate Avenue, Maumee

510 West John Street, Maumee

4842 Waterbury Lane, Maumee

3322 Butz Road, Maumee

2222 River Road, Maumee

7110 Providence Street, Maumee 

3427 Saint Bernard Drive, Toledo 

47 Pine Valley Road, Holland (Lot)










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