Be Prepared to Sell

Getting your home ready for a sale can be more than painting and decluttering. Here are a few more things that you could be doing to make your home more appealing to sellers.

1. Get your carpets cleaned. 

Years of spills and high traffic do a number on your carpet. Add in some pets and your carpet is less than appealing to potential buyers. Getting your carpets cleaned will give your home a fresh look and a neutral smell. If you happen to have wood floors underneath your carpeting you should consider taking the carpet out completely. Many buyers prefer wood floors and would like to see the condition of the wood.

2. Freshen up your first impressions.

Replace your house numbers. Try a new more modern font or paint your current numbers in a bright welcoming color. Buy a new mailbox if your current one has seen better days and maybe add some flowers or other subtle landscaping around it. It’s also important to make sure your entry way is tidy. Don’t leave shoes or mail or extra keys laying around. You don’t want to welcome buyers into your home with clutter.

3. Update your kitchen.

A quick inexpensive way to give your kitchen an update is to get new knobs and pulls for your cabinets and drawers. The new finishes will give an appeal to your kitchen that buyers will appreciate.

4. Organize your closets.

Having a neatly organized closet gives the illusion of more space. Try taking half of the items in your closet out and arrange the remains contents in an attractive orderly fashion.

5. Give your deck a makeover.

If you have a deck or patio, you should make it look as inviting as possible. Add some fashionable pillows and cushions to your patio furniture, and some potted plants or flowers. If it’s winter be sure to keep these areas shoveled so you can show them off.


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